The New Trend of ‘Simple, Flat and Minimal’ Graphic Designs

The mere mention of a minimalist design leads many folks, including graphic designers, into thinking that everything should be just striped away to the bone. In the 2010s, the world of digital had been rife with flat and minimalist graphic designs – a trend which is only going to intensify in the 2020s and beyond. […]

10 Most Important Ingredients to come up with a Viral Infographic

Infographics are wonderful communication and marketing tools. They have helped marketers reach broad-ranging audiences within a relatively short span of time. While infographics can help you achieve many key objectives, simply creating them will not guarantee favourable results. Infographics need to have the potential to go viral – in that light, here are top ten […]

How Visual Designs helped the ‘Leave’ Brexit Campaign win votes

If good visual designs ever had an impact on how people see brands, than it’s probably fair to say that the same had a major impact on how the Leave Brexit campaign shaped up, and the result that followed. How Brexit tapped into ‘visuals’ to win hearts Fundamentally, designs and visuals work to create a […]

Top 10 digital design tools you must learn in 2020

Where musicians use a specific instrument to play a tune or an engineer uses the right materials and equipment to build a construction – a graphic designer also needs the right tools to create the desired visual art. We believe the following ten digital design tools are something graphic designers must master in 2020 in […]